Our Communities

Here are our Communities

Our work is rooted in the belief that access to modern energy enhances incomes, productivity, and the overall well-being of communities. We are working towards making universal access to energy services (SDG 7) a reality, by giving our customers affordable, reliable, sustainable, and clean modern energy. This drives all we do at EtinPower Limited.


In less than two years, EtinPower has successfully built 3 minigrids in Edo state, Nigeria, in the Bini villages of Evbuwa and Iguemokhua in Orhionmwon Local Government, as well as the Ijaw town of Ajakurama in Ovia Southwest Local Government. These 3 communities are our pilot projects that provide the data we need to effectively scale and impact many more communities.

1. Iguemokhua: A Small Village by a Pristine River.

Iguemokhua community is a small village located 32km from Benin City and is home to an estimated 1500 residents. The road leading to the community is not in good shape. The primary economic activity is farming, with a few retail shops catering to residents' grocery needs. Iguemokhua had never been electrified until January 27th, 2023, when EtinPower introduced solar-powered electricity, bringing light to the community. During this year, the community has changed; new small businesses are springing up, such as a water provider and a new hairdressing salon.

2. Evbuwa: Illuminating Economic Growth

Evbuwa community is a slightly larger community, situated 28km from Benin City, down the road from Iguemokhua. It has approximately 2000 inhabitants and 140 buildings, and the maojor economic activity is farming. There are a few stores selling provisions and basic amenities, and notably, some residents operate mobile milling machines. Shortly lacked electricity until January 30th, 2023. EtinPower's intervention has not only brought light to the community but also catalyzed economic growth, sparking external interest in the area.

3. Ajakurama: A Promise of Progress:

Ajakurama is a riverine town in Ovia Southwest, Edo State, Nigeria, best accessed by water, due to the very bad state of the road leading to it from Iguobazuwa, off the Ore – Benin expressway. It is the seat of the Egbema Kingdom of the Ijaw people. The community has over 5000 residents and over 700 houses. Known for its historical roots, annual religious ceremonies, and economic dependence on fishing, the community faces unique environmental challenges as it is in the heart of the Niger Delta, which is the oil-producing area of Nigeria. Ajakurama has several bars, a couple of hotels, schools, churches, several small shops, and a small drinking water factory, all of which depended on power from diesel or petrol generators, prior to EtinPower. Logistics costs for Ajakurama are significantly higher because of the poor road network, as all movements have to be by boat.
On November 30th, lights were turned on in Ajakurama, and for the first time ever, Ajakurama became an electrified town with access to modern energy. Electricity demand is significantly higher there, and so, after only one month of providing this service, we are expanding our generating capacity in early January 2024, so as to meet the needs of our customers.

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