Who we are

Etinpower is a minigrid developer and more.

Our name is distinct and says what we are. "Etin," means ‘power’ in the Edo language. EtinPower is therefore “Power Squared,” or concentrated energy, hopefully reflecting our desire to totally impact and uplift our communities, harnessing the power of modern energy to propel them towards a brighter and more sustainable future.

We provide electricity to vulnerable offgrid communities. We also provide opportunities to purchase appliances that will increase incomes and increase productivity.

Etinpower makes available the services that will enable people and communities to earn more income through trainings, increase in knowledge and productivity. EtinPower is currently working with communities in Edo state.

We plan to become a single point contact for Solutions involving Renewable options for power. We enhance and synergize with research and development companies around the World to apply techniques which help in milking alternative power uses at an affordable cost.

Our work is rooted in the belief that access to modern energy enhances incomes, productivity, and the overall well-being of communities. We are working towards making universal access to energy services (SDG 7) a reality, by giving our customers affordable, reliable, sustainable, and clean modern energy. This drives all we do at EtinPower Limited.

CEO's Desk

What we seek to do...

"If you give me electricity and I use it for things that will not increase my quality of life and safeguard my future, ig you come back to me after some time, I will still be poor."

"The secret to lifting people out of poverty through improved and better energy lies in getting them to use their modern energy sources to create more income and opportunities."




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